Compute Moule 3 Size

Compute Module 3 – Size confirmed!

We have got confirmation about size of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3.

User “6by9” claimed to be a Raspberry Pi Technican, wrote that he already have a piece of Compute Module 3, and confirms that it has the same size / dimensions as current generation module.

Compute Module 3 size confirmed

Compute Module 3 size confirmed

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Compute Module 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module

The Raspberry Pi foundation has announced new product –  Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module.

At the blog post “RASPBERRY PI 3 ON SALE NOW AT $35” from 29th Feb 2016, Eben Upton wrote that Compute Module 3 should be ready soon. We contacted directly with the foundation in this case, also asking whether it will be possible to obtain or purchase samples before the premiere. We received the following information:


Thank you for your interest in Raspberry Pi.

We expect the Compute Module 3 to be available within the next couple of months. Please keep an eye on our blog for announcements.

We do not send samples of our products.


Nicola Early