Remote access to Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 platform for Software Developers

Low Raspberry Pi availability on the IoT market

Many companies have been impacted by the global chip shortage and supply chain issues, including electronics and automotive industries. This problem also touched the main producer of small board computers, Raspberry Pi. Company’s CEO, Eben Upton said that they had difficulty meeting demand for many of its products, but that it was taking steps to ensure devices were delivered despite supply constraints. 

“We’ve consistently been able to build around half a million of our single-board computers and Compute Module products each month. Where units do appear, bots often attempt to scalp stock which is then resold at higher prices elsewhere” said Upton. 

Sadly, for the average consumer who wants to build home projects or test software with Pi products, Raspberry Pi is prioritizing commercial and industrial customers. 

TECHBASE’s ModBerry with Compute Module 4 supply

As one of leading manufacturers of industrial solutions based on Raspberry Pi Compute Modules, TECHBASE is steadily fulfilling all the orders according to the schedule agreed with customers. For best customer service TECHBASE chose to order CM4 modules in advance to provide best lead time for all deliveries. Standard configurations of ModBerry 500 devices with Compute Module 4 are now shipped within several weeks.

Alternatively TECHBASE designed a solution to provide a first experience for customers and software developers, delivering a Raspberry Pi based platform available pre-purchase. The demand for hardware is high, therefore a remote development platform can speed up the process and make it easier for users in need of testing their products.

Raspberry Pi CM4 remote access platform

As part of the service, you will be able to try out the Raspberry Pi Ecosystem based on the CM4 module. Devices equipped with this module are located at our company headquarters and will be available for testing for 1 month. After contacting our representative, we will be able to adjust specific hardware resources and connect specific sensors and meters so that you have an insight into the specific functioning of the device.

This form of device sharing will allow you to test your software on the Raspberry Pi platform without the need to physically purchase the device. After the trial period expires, you will be able to either extend the access to the remote platform after consulting our sales department or purchase devices with parameters ideally suited to you and your software’s needs.

This Remote Access Program is mainly aimed at Software Developers, application developers for monitoring and processing data from external sources, IoT startups and all industries related to home and industrial automation. Thanks to the program, you can gain access to the latest technologies, try your software without the need to purchase over-expensive solutions and establish long-term cooperation with a hardware manufacturer on preferential terms. By getting to know our hardware, you will be able to offer your customers a fully complete service.

Hardware available via Remote Access Platform

Two devices can be configured for users applying to TECHBASE’s remote access program. Both of these devices are powered with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and offer a wide array of applications:

ModBerry 500 CM4ClusBerry-2M

About cluster Raspberry Pi solution

For smaller projects and IoT prototyping, the company designed a smaller and ready-to-deploy cluster device including two independent ModBerry I/O mainboards and two Compute Module 4’s. The ClusBerry-2M offers similar resources as double ModBerry 500-CM4 with software cluster management tools – Docker and K3s Lightweight Kubernetes solutions.

Each module can perform various tasks, from standard I/O gateway, wireless modem, Gigabit LAN router to NAS file server and AI Gateway with Google Coral Edge TPU modules. You can manage your cluster modules at ease, boot modules from one to another, upgrade firmware crosswise and provide safe operation of each module. The modules are connected to each other to provide such features and allow quick healing of the dual cluster.

Ease of transition from remote to target hardware solutions

Remote platform users after the R&D process is complete will be able to smoothly transition to target solutions, in this case the Raspberry Pi based hardware. TECHBASE offers support for the entire process, from remote access to the solution, user manual for devices and servers, and the subsequent selection of appropriate hardware devices and their perfect adaptation to the end used needs.

Join CM4 Remote Access program

The program is available to Software Developers and customers interested in remote testing of IoT hardware solutions after brief consultation with our Sales Department. To participate in the program, contact us via email: or Live Chat at: