SuperCap UPS – Backup power supply for Raspberry Pi / ESP32 IIoT devices

The new SuperCap UPS-SC01 backup power supply is equipped with a highly available backup feature to safely bridge fluctuations, drops or failures accompanying standard 9~30VDC supply voltage and avoid interruption of output voltage in industrial and automation environments. For this purpose SuperCap UPS-SC01 utilizes two supercapacitors (so-called supercaps) as a durable, cycle-resistant and maintenance-free solution for backup energy storage and failure safety.

As an addition to Industrial IoT family of TECHBASE’s products, such as ModBerry (Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 powered) industrial gateways and Moduino (ESP32 powered) end-point devices, the SuperCap UPS-SC01 serves well as an additional, highly efficient and fanless power source to allow continuous operation of connected devices in difficult conditions, such as extended industrial temperature range. Perfect solution for a multi-range applications, especially for embedded IIoT / Industry 4.0 systems, where stability and high availability is most important.

SuperCap UPS-SC01 allows the processes and data to be securely executed, saved or transferred, and the operating system to be safely shutdown or reboot, if the power source has been restored. The power failure alert can also be sent to cloud service, to perform custom task, specified by user or self-learning AI algorithm.

Main features:

  • DC/DC transparent output with backup function
  • Supercapacitors for energy storage
  • Fanless and maintenance-free
  • High cycle stability
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation
  • Compact design
  • Individual Design-In advice
  • Excellent Service & Support
  • Long-term availability at least 5 years


  • Power Fail signal output
  • Energy Low alarm output
  • Actual Energy Level analog output
  • Force Reboot input
  • Active reverse polarity protection

Power input:

  • Standard 9~30V DC, >40W (max. 42W) power supply
  • Charge time <60s at maximum charge current
  • Aprox. 0.2~0.4W power consumption when charged

Power output:

  • 9~30VDC as transparent DC/DC output, if powered
  • 10VDC as backup power supply
  • 12W max. output power
  • up to 30s running time with max. 10W load
  • up to 90s running time with 2-3W load (RPi / ModBerry-type device)*
  • up to 270s running time with 1W load, active mode (ESP32 / Moduino-type device)*
  • up to 600s running time with 0.3W load, idle mode (ESP32 / Moduino-type device)*

* using additional resources on device, e.g. modem connection will decrease significantly these results